Speaker Tina Roth Eisenberg


Founder & CEO of CreativeMornings

Tina Roth Eisenberg is a Swiss-born, raised and trained graphic designer. In 1999 she moved to NYC for a 3-month design internship and never left. Over the past 13 years, Tina has started numerous side projects that have organically turned into businesses: a creative co-working community called FRIENDS; a global, monthly lecture series called CreativeMornings; a simple to-do app called TeuxDeux and Tattly, a high-end temporary tattoo shop. Tina is often referred to as swissmiss after her popular blog. She likes that.

Learn from Tina’s experience of organically evolving her side projects into businesses and find out how investing in your interests can be the first step in building a creative career you love

Talk: The Unexpected Power of Side Projects