Speaker Stevie Nguyen


Stevie (they/them/their’s) Thuy Anh Nguyen doesn’t work for a major digital product company, is not based in the Bay or New York City, and doesn’t work for an agency that has won countless awards. They are a UX designer, educator and facilitator, primarily working within education and learning at a starting-up creative agency located on Unceded Coast Salish territories.

In a previous role, they spent 6 years in a leadership development firm practicing their self-taught design and creative production skills within consulting, marketing and business development assistant roles. Stevie has designed their life to affect a future driven by their belief that individuals acting in sincerity and with radical generosity, sharing knowledge, skills, opportunities and time, in and with their communities, can change the direction of the world. In their roles, they work on manifesting their vision of a world where they, their child, family, friends, and communities are thriving: where there is equity, justice, and unquantifiable, accountable, love.