SESSION Roundtable Discussions – Morning Session

May 28, 2019 at 8:00 AM UPPER LOBBY

Join an intimate group to discuss what it takes to create great creative work and address the challenges facing creative professionals working in the communication industry. Start your conference off by making new connections and gaining fresh perspectives from colleagues new and old.

You must be registered to attend May 28 (Day 1) to attend this session.

Member: $7
Non-member: $10

Roundtable Discussion Topics

  1. Lessons of Failure: UX. Participants are asked to share experiences of UX/UI projects that didn’t go well, lessons learned and solutions that were developed.
  2. Tools: Effective Client/Project Management. Participants discuss tools for effectively managing clients and projects?
  3. Design Leadership. Participants are asked to share tips on how to develop and maintain an effective design team.
  4. Motion Design with Jessica Bellamy
  5. Using your Personal Passions with Kit Hinrichs