Speaker Michelle Hopgood RGD


Graphic Designer at Martin Prosperity Institute

Michelle Hopgood was the in-house graphic designer for 10 years at the Martin Prosperity Institute (MPI) at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management. At MPI, Michelle focused on tailoring graphic design to effectively convey information and brand identity. She specialized in the function, perception, and contextualization of visual information by the audience and created a visual identity for the Institute through infographics, data visualization, and design. In 2017, Michelle and research collaborators were the recipients of RGD’s In-House Design Award with Distinction for the MPI’s Persona Project. She earned her Bachelors of Design from OCAD University and her Masters in Information, specializing in Knowledge and Information Management, from the University of Toronto. Communicating data and parsing down complex concepts is what gets Michelle up in the morning!

design to help people understand academic research and explore complex ideas

Talk: Lessons Learned from an (un)traditional think tank: A 10-year reflection of Design as an Exploration of Research, Ideas and Communication