Speaker Alana Ruoso RGD


Creative Manager, Benefit Cosmetics Canada &  Success Coach


Alana Ruoso RGD is a graphic designer and creative strategist with over 20 years of experience in the design industry. Having worked both agency and client side, and also full-time freelance, Alana brings a wealth of diverse, valuable industry knowledge to the table. Her portfolio includes work for the City of Mississauga, Sobeys, Jamie Oliver for Canada, Harlequin Enterprises, JUNO Awards, Umbra, Rogers Publishing, Mood Media and results-driven entrepreneurs. Alana is also a certified Life & Executive Coach and is committed to helping creatives step into their untapped potential so they can feel confident in their careers.

Why are some people naturally stepping up to challenges, while others are left behind feeling fearful and frustrated?

Talk: Leading a Creative Career with Confidence