SESSION Design Operations (DesignOps) Fundamentals Workshop

Josh Silverman
October 23, 2019 at 9:00 AM

What is Design Operations (aka DesignOps) and how can it bring value to your organization, culture, and bottom line? The field of practice is relatively new to product teams and tech companies, but its purpose is to bridge teams and align work holistically. This combination workshop & lecture will teach you how to:

  • understand where the DesignOps practice emerged from
  • diagnose and socialize common concerns that DesignOps can solve
  • learn from case studies of ops practices in small, medium, and large organizations
  • identify partners and understand the qualities of a successful ops program, plus tips on making the case for the practice
  • equip your team with resources and tools to advance the ops practice



The Speaker Josh Silverman

For 25 years, Josh Silverman has created successful relationships through design. He speaks and hosts workshops globally, teaches and guest critiques nationally, and is always connecting people and communities. Currently,. Read full bio.