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DesignThinkers is Canada's largest annual design conference, connecting professionals from around the world. We come together to explore the ideas, trends, strategies and processes driving design communications. And we curate stimulating discussions about design’s impact on business, culture and social innovation.

This year’s DesignThinkers campaign pays tribute to examples of Canadian design with unintended cultural impact: the toonie, our two-dollar coin; CADPAT (for Canadian Disruptive Pattern), the digitally generated camouflage now used worldwide; the polyethylene garbage bag, invented by two Canadians in 1950; the Roberston or square-head screw, another Canadian claim to fame; the flag of the European Union (okay, that actually wasn’t us).

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What’s up with the Toonie?

Designers don’t always get a do-over. But you always have the chance to do better. When Canada’s two-dollar coin was introduced in 1996, a number of nicknames were suggested before the public settled on toonie, including bearie, bearly, doubloonie and moonie. MP Jack Iyerak Anawak suggested Nanuq in honour of Canada’s Inuit people. While this culturally meaningful idea was disregarded, the toonie does feature a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, despite the fact that a 2016 research poll found that more than half of Canadians reject the idea of a British Head of State. Somehow, you’ll still find yourself face to face with the Queen each time you pull out change to pay for your Tim Horton’s coffee.

Like the toonie, there are countless examples from the world of design where cultural, economic and political forces have affected creative work, for better and for worse. As designers, it’s up to us to acknowledge the influence of these factors and try to avoid the mistakes of our past. Over the next few months, we’ll reflect on the complex histories behind other Canadian designs leading up to the 20th year of the DesignThinkers Conference. This event has spanned massive changes in the communication design industry, exploring the innovations and disruptions that inform, inspire and influence the world of design today. Join us in Vancouver this May to continue the conversation.Learn More

Masters (TO)

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  • Alexey Makhinko RGD

    Graphic Designer Toys"R"Us Canada

  • Alison Garnett RGD

    Creative Director, Partner Field Trip & Co

  • Amanda Boltë RGD

    Creative Director Cineplex Digital Media

  • Amy Eaton RGD

    Marketing & Communications Specialist Purves Redmond Limited

  • Andrew Perro RGD

    Senior Art Director CRAIB design

  • Angelo Morano RGD

    Graphic Designer McCormick

  • Art Kilgour RGD

    Designer WriteDesign

  • Ben Hagon RGD

    Creative Director Intent

  • Brenda Little RGD

    User Experience and Senior Visual Designer Pivot Design Group

  • Brent Long RGD

    Director, Client Happiness Fusion Design Group Inc.

  • Buket Birel Provisional RGD

    Graphic Designer eSolutions Group

  • Celina Fischer RGD

    Creative Director CBC News

  • Chad Weiss Provisional RGD

    Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB)

  • Chris Armstrong RGD

    Director of Strategic Design Operative Brand Consulting

  • Chrisanne Daniel Provisional RGD


  • Dave Hurds RGD

    Design Manager Context Creative

  • Deanna Tosto RGD

    Graphic Design & Production Specialist Ontario Centres of Excellence

  • Denis Leclerc RGD

    Creative Director Costa Leclerc Design Inc.

  • Dzung Tran RGD

    Creative Director Dzung Tran

  • Ellen Foster Provisional RGD

    Master Builder Fusion Design Group

  • Elyse Maxwell RGD

    Intermediate Graphic Designer Patch Design

  • Emerald Lee RGD

    Senior Designer Gravity Inc.

  • Gareth Lind RGD

    Graphic Designer LINDdesign

  • Gilbert Li RGD

    Principal The Office of Gilbert Li

  • Glenda Rissman RGD

    q30 design inc.

  • Helena Maaranen RGD

    Production Artist Manulife

  • Hida Behzadi RGD

    Design Strategist London Life

  • Ian Chalmers RGD

    Design Director Pivot Design Group

  • Jaimie Hallarn RGD

    Interactive Designer Sephora Canada

  • James Chambers Provisional RGD

    Graphic Designer Design de Plume

  • Janice Van Eck RGD

    Art Director Janice Van Eck R.G.D.

  • Jason Lind RGD

    Digital Media Specialist Northern Ontario School of Medicine

  • Jean Leclair RGD

    Supervisor, Creative Services Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC)

  • Jen Clark RGD

    Creative Director Pollinator Studio

  • Jenn Shadbolt RGD

    Senior Designer Piccadilly

  • Jennica Robinson Provisional RGD

    Graphic Designer Design de Plume

  • Jennifer Cross RGD

    Manager of Creative Services VS Group

  • Jennifer Weaymouth RGD

    Creative Director Weaymouth Creative

  • Jesse Gibb RGD

    Owner Gibb Design

  • Jessica Vitale RGD

    Director, Graphics Studio FORREC

  • Jesyka (Jessica) Bastelak Provisional RGD

    Program Assistant/ Information Designer Sudbury & District Health Unit

  • Jonathan Collie Provisional RGD

    UX/UI Designer DOZR

  • Julian Brown RGD

    ON THE CHASE! Motion Design

  • Karen Marshall RGD

    Senior Document Specialist The Regional Municipality of York

  • Kevin Hoch RGD

    Principal Premise Design

  • Kinsey Smith Provisional RGD

    Graphic Designer 108 ideaspace

  • Krista Uloth RGD

    Creative Lead, Creative Services WSIB

  • Kyle Schruder RGD

    Director of Design Coactuate

  • Laura Piche RGD

    Manager, Global Marketing The Redpath Group

  • Laura Weatherston RGD

    Art Director + Designer lauraweatherston.com

  • Lionel Gadoury RGD

    Principal, Creative Director Context Creative

  • Lorrie Torreda RGD

    Graphic Designer Lorrie Torreda Design

  • Lucio Schiabel RGD

    Creative Lead WSIB

  • Marcus Gilroy RGD

    Senior Graphic Designer Sun Life

  • Marilyn Bouma RGD

    Graphic Designer Art Gallery of Ontario

  • Matthew Lehtelä Provisional RGD

    Junior Graphic Designer Cambrian College

  • Meg Lynch RGD

    Senior Designer Forge Media & Design

  • Megan Oldfield RGD

    Creative Director Field Design Office

  • Melissa Deschenes RGD

    Partner Design de Plume

  • Michael Barker RGD

    Graphic Designer Acme Art & Design

  • Michelle Hopgood RGD

    Graphic and Information Designer Martin Prosperity Institute

  • Michael Rehder RGD

    Creative Director Rehder and Companie

  • Michael J. Young RGD

    Creative Director, Design Lead Government of Ontario

  • Molly Hill RGD

    Professor/Program Coordinator, Graphic Design Conestoga College, SOMAD

  • Natalie Coombs RGD

    Senior Graphic Designer Ernst & Young

  • Nicola Hamilton RGD

    Art Director Studio Wyse

  • Nicole Dimson RGD

    Owner Artemis Design Inc

  • Nicole Graham RGD

    Marketing Director VS Group

  • Niel Havemann Provisional RGD

    Senior Digital Experience Designer Forge Media & Design

  • Norm Lourenco RGD

    Creative Director Truth + Dare

  • Olivia Montagnese Provisional RGD

    Designer WE

  • Paddy Harrington RGD

    Founder Frontier

  • Patryk Adamczyk RGD

    Director of Design Borrowell

  • Paul Haslip RGD

    Designer HM&E Design

  • Paul van Dongen RGD

    Design Director Committee

  • Peter Gabany RGD

    Creative Director Limelight Advertising & Design

  • Peter Scott RGD

    Principal q30 design inc.

  • Randal Boutilier RGD

    Principal 12thirteen Design Inc.

  • Raymond Cheah RGD

    Creative Director CIFAR

  • Richard Long RGD

    Senior Designer York Region Transit / Viva

  • Roberto Carreiro RGD

    Founder & Creative Director Razor Creative Solutions

  • Robin Honey RGD

    President Honey Design

  • Sarah Prouse RGD

    VP, Creative Possibilities Fusion Design Group Inc.

  • Shenelle Pankratz RGD

    Graphic Designer Erwin Hymer Group NA

  • Sheryl Keller Ziesmann RGD

    Director of Environmental Graphics SLD

  • Stüssy Tschudin RGD

    Principal Forge Media + Design

  • Timothy Jones RGD

    President & Creative Director Banfield

  • Tina Mackenzie RGD

    Creative Services Manager City of Mississauga

  • Tom Browne RGD

    Information Officer Accessibility Directorate of Ontario

  • Umar Shahzad RGD

    Designer Fusion Design Group

  • Vanessa Eckstein RGD

    Founder Blok Design

  • Victor Szeto RGD

    Senior Designer Green Living Enterprises

  • Wendy Gray RGD

    Founder and Creative Director Gravity Inc.

  • Wendy Millard RGD

    Creative Director Empire Life

  • Alan Krpan


  • Aleksandra Grzywaczewska

    Art Gallery of Ontario

  • Alex Blackwell

    Toronto Transit Commission

  • Alex Lo-Basso

    City of Mississauga

  • Alina Skyson

    The Office of Gilbert Li

  • Ally Tripkovic

    The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario

  • Angela Romanoff

    Trojan Technologies

  • Annalisa Di Felice


  • Audree Atendido

    Tourism Toronto

  • Ben Rene

    Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions

  • Beverley Stephens

    CIBC Mellon GSS

  • Bob Capling


  • Cecilia Mok

    Sinai Health Foundation

  • Charmaine Leung


  • Chris Bell

    Region of Peel

  • Chris Chlasciak

    The Works Design Communications Ltd.

  • Christine Caruso

    Context Creative

  • Christopher Woo


  • Clare Chow


  • Colin Payson


  • Coni Kennedy

    LA Inc.

  • Consuelo Cachay

    City of Hamilton

  • Courtney Hellam


  • Dan Ioanitescu


  • Daniela Misetic


  • Dawn Wharnsby

    Wilfrid Laurier University

  • Deborah Peterson


  • Delia Worthing


  • Denis Sabourin

    Xactly Design & Advertising Inc.

  • Dionne Malcolm


  • Don Laurie

    The Works Design Communications Ltd.

  • Doron Weintraub

    The Regional Municipality of York

  • Dustin Pringle

    Bruce Power

  • Erin Maguire


  • Fiona Lee

    Klick Health

  • Hellim Lee

    Insurance Bureau of Canada

  • Henrik Dunker


  • Ingrid Van Der Zande

    Fidelity Investments Canada

  • Isabelle Veilleux

    Turbo Studio Inc.

  • Jean-Philippe Cyr


  • Jean-François Plante


  • Jacquie Welch


  • Jason Dacosta


  • Jeff Smalley

    Town of Oakville

  • Jesse Pope

    Forge Media + Design

  • Jessica DeVaal


  • Joel Jackson

    University of Toronto

  • Johanne Daoust

    Seneca College

  • John Bitonti

    Choice Hotels Canada Inc.

  • Josh Manduck


  • Josh Remazki

    City of Mississauga

  • Justin Ogilvie

    Wilfrid Laurier University

  • Ken Phipps


  • Kim Yokota


  • Kimberley Fabiano

    Town of Oakville

  • Kris Lefave


  • Kristyna Gottvald


  • Kyle Atkinson

    Craft Design House

  • Kyle Hardtman

    Cadillac Fairview

  • Laura Boyle

    Dundurn Press

  • Laura Lehming

    Toronto Transit Commission

  • Leslie Ross

    Leslie Ross BDes

  • Liz Man


  • Lynn Giles


  • Marc Piper


  • Mark Tang

    Morneau Shepell

  • Michael Chin

    Foresters Financial

  • Michaela Jantoska

    The Workhouse Inc.

  • Michael MacVicar

    Capital One Canada

  • Miranda Fragomeni

    Design de Plume Inc.

  • Monique Oyagi

    The Regional Municipality of York

  • Munro Cullen


  • Nelson Silva

    The Works Design Communications Ltd.

  • Pamela Hemphill-White

    CIBC Mellon GSS

  • Frances Chen

    Hambly & Woolley

  • Parisa Yazdani


  • Patricia McElroy

    Canadian Medical Protective Association

  • Patrick Sénécal


  • Patti Adair

    Unitron Global

  • Peter Rogers


  • Rafael Ferreira

    Mohawk College

  • Ramona Moore

    Teva Canada Ltd.

  • Ryan Brocklehurst

    Seasons Retirement Communities

  • Saffron Davis

    The Regional Municipality of York

  • Samantha Lamb

    Blue Ant Media

  • Sascha Hass


  • Sharon Pang


  • Sheeraz Wania

    George Brown College

  • Shelli Grimshaw

    Empire Life

  • Stephanie Chow

    Capital One

  • Tiago Jorge

    Conestoga College

  • Tracy Tahara


  • Trinette Klein

    The Regional Municipality of York

  • Viola Mueller

    City of Hamilton

  • Walter Sayers

    Fanshawe College

  • Yael Maayani

    UJA Federation of Greater Toronto

ThinkTanks (TO)

What is a ThinkTank? The following organizations have displayed a commitment to creativity, design thinking, and ultimately to their employees by sending five or more members of their team to Toronto for DesignThinkers.

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