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DesignThinkers, Canada’s only annual conference for visual communicators, is a must-attend for informed, forward-thinking creative communications and design professionals. At this inspiring two-day event that takes place in Toronto (in the Fall) and Vancouver (in the Spring), we offer in-depth analyses of trends and best practices in branding, design thinking, design management, communications technologies and user experience with a range of opportunities to exchange ideas with colleagues, new and old. Attendees leave with a reconsidered and refined design or creative process, feeling inspired, refreshed and connected to the creative communications community.

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What’s up with the Toonie?

Designers don’t always get a do-over. But you always have the chance to do better. When Canada’s two-dollar coin was introduced in 1996, a number of nicknames were suggested before the public settled on toonie, including bearie, bearly, doubloonie and moonie. MP Jack Iyerak Anawak suggested Nanuq in honour of Canada’s Inuit people. While this culturally meaningful idea was disregarded, the toonie does feature a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, despite the fact that a 2016 research poll found that more than half of Canadians reject the idea of a British Head of State. Somehow, you’ll still find yourself face to face with the Queen each time you pull out change to pay for your Tim Horton’s coffee.

Like the toonie, there are countless examples from the world of design where cultural, economic and political forces have affected creative work, for better and for worse. As designers, it’s up to us to acknowledge the influence of these factors and try to avoid the mistakes of our past. Over the next few months, we’ll reflect on the complex histories behind other Canadian designs leading up to the 20th year of the DesignThinkers Conference. This event has spanned massive changes in the communication design industry, exploring the innovations and disruptions that inform, inspire and influence the world of design today. Join us in Vancouver this May to continue the conversation.Learn More

Masters (TO)

If you are attending your third or more of our DT thinkfests in Toronto, you will be recognized as a DesignThinkers Master, demonstrating your keen interest to connect with and grow alongside your ever-evolving design colleagues.

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  • Wendy Millard RGD

    Creative Director Empire Life

  • Stüssy Tschudin RGD

    Principal Forge Media + Design

ThinkTanks (TO)

What is a ThinkTank? The following organizations have displayed a commitment to creativity, design thinking, and ultimately to their employees by sending five or more members of their team to Toronto for DesignThinkers.

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