NEWSStudent RGDs, Junior Affiliates & Prov. RGDs are invited to apply for $500 Scholarships

There are seven $500 DesignThinkers Scholarships available, generously provided by DavisDesign de Plume (for Indigenous applicants), Fusion Design Group, Hambly & Woolley, Redpath Mining Contractors and Engineers (for applicants based in Northern Ontario), Pound & Grain & Cosmic Design.

In addition to free registration that will be provided to Scholarship winners, they will receive a $500 Scholarships to help cover travel costs to attend the DesignThinkers Conference happening in Toronto on October 24-25, 2019. Scholarship winners will also have the opportunity to introduce a keynote speaker at the event.

To apply, Student RGDsProvisional RGDs or Junior Affiliate Members are invited to share an impactful quote by a past DesignThinkers speaker, and explain how it inspires you and your work. See a full list of past DesignThinkers speakers here.


Make sure to:

  • share your post to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter
  • include your first and last name in the post
  • set your social media account to public or send RGD a private message to let us know you’ve posted
  • use the #rgdDT hashtag



Applicants will be assessed on the thoughtfulness of their quote selection and explanation. Priority will be given to Members who reside 100KM or more away from the location of the conference. Applicants must be enrolled in a Canadian post-secondary institution or be a resident or citizen of Canada. Applicants must also be Members of RGD at the time of the application deadline (September 16). Please note that those who have previously won DT Scholarships are not eligible to participate.


Deadline to apply: 11:59 Pacific Time on Monday, September 16, 2019


Other Requirements

Scholarship recipients will be asked to contribute a report on their experiences at DesignThinkers to be posted on the RGD website and shared across RGD social media channels after the event.

See reports from the 2018 Vancouver scholarship winners.

See reports from the 2018 Toronto scholarship winners.

See reports from the 2019 Vancouver scholarship winners.


If you have any questions about applying for a Scholarship, please contact Rebecca at


Interested in helping support young designers? If you are interested in sponsoring a Scholarship, email