Speaker Jayson Oertel


Social Strategist at Adobe

Jayson Oertel leads global social strategy for Adobe’s professional film and video, Hollywood and Adobe Stock segments. He has a passion for both Internet technology & audience behaviors and has a firm grounding in the social media/influencer marketing landscape. Prior to joining Adobe, Jayson worked with studios, TV networks and streaming services conceptualizing and executing integrated marketing and influencer campaigns for clients such as 20th Century Fox, Lionsgate, Paramount, Disney, Warner Bros, Universal, HBO and Bravo. Jayson was also an early employee of MySpace where he worked directly with brands and entertainment properties to successfully integrate the idea of “social networking” into their traditional marketing & advertising campaigns.

Instantaneous, relevant and affecting media is needed to compete in an environment where digital micro-experiences are the medium

Talk: Above the Noise: The Content Marketplace and the Future of Social Media