Speaker Ben Fry


Owner and principal of Fathom Information Design

Ben Fry is Owner of Fathom, an award-winning studio in Boston focused on making complex data more understandable, accessible and usable. He holds a Ph.D. from the MIT Media Laboratory and teaches at MIT as a Lecturer. Ben develops “Processing” — the programming environment he co-created used by artists, engineers, scientists and students all over the world. His work can be found in museums (MoMA, Whitney, Cooper Hewitt), films (Minority Report, The Hulk), research labs (Harvard, Stanford, MIT) and Fathom’s client portfolios including Nike, Samsung and Mayo Clinic. In 2011, Fry visited the White House to receive the National Design Award for Interaction Design.

Treat data as a design problem, where it can be addressed by starting with end users and working back to the data in all its messy complexity

Talk: Design: The Last Line of Defense