Bio as of 2000.

Since 1983, Rolf Jensen has been a futurist at The Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies (CIFS) and, since 1988, its director. CIFS is one of the world's largest future-oriented thinktanks, providing strategic advice to over 100 international companies and government agencies. Rolf Jensen is an expert in scenario building, future issues and business strategy. Through his work with CIFS, he participates in numerous global networks and regularly organizes conferences and round-table discussions providing international futurologists, future-oriented economists and sociologists with the opportunity to share vision and research. He is the author of the best-selling book The Dream Society: How the Coming Shift From Information to Imagination Will Transform Your Business.

Tell A Story (2000)
Rolf Jensen predicts that the present information-based society will evolve into a society that values the stories behind products and services. These stories will fill our need for emotional wealth when material wealth no longer can. Communicators must become imaginative storytellers who can sway consumer emotions in a material-rich global culture. 

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