RGD Announces Partners for DesignThinkers 2016
Meet the industry suppliers who are top supporters of the DesignThinkers Conference, and find out who is designing this year's creative campaign...
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RGD Members Invited to Submit Proposals to Speak at DesignThinkers 2016
Certified RGDs are invited to submit proposals for the opportunity to speak DesignThinkers 2016, happening in Toronto on November 3 and 4.
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DesignThinkers Davis Design Scholarship Winner, Nathalie Banger Shares Her Conference Experience
Nathalie Banger Student RGD shares her top 5 takeaways from her first DesignThinkers Conference experience.
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DesignThinkers Razorfish Scholarship Winner, Alexandra Watts Shares Her Conference Experience
Alexandra Watts Student RGD reflects on the most interesting and inspirational lessons she learned at her first DesignThinkers conference.
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DesignThinkers Critical Mass Scholarship Winner, Anna Lin Shares Her Conference Experience
Anna Lin Student RGD recalls the speakers and presentations from DesignThinkers 2015 that inspired her to choose her career direction.
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DesignThinkers Blurb Scholarship Winner, Patrick Charette Shares His Conference Experience
Patrick Charette Provisional RGD explains the significance of this year's DesignThinkers Conference to him, as an emerging design professional.
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DesignThinkers SapientNitro Scholarship Winner, Maria Centola Shares Her Conference Experience
Maria Centola Student RGD reflects on her favourite presentations and takeaways from the 2015 DesignThinkers Conference.
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DesignThinkers Scholarship Winner, Simran Jassal Shares Her Conference Experience
Simran Jassal Student RGD reviews her top 5 takeaways from her favourite presentations at DesignThinkers 2015.
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Delegates share their visual takeaways from #rgdDT
Multiple attendees at this year’s DesignThinkers Conference shared visual interpretations of their favourite talks and biggest takeaways. From typography to cartoons and illustrations, check out the creative ways attendees shared their inspiration.
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DesignThinkers 2015 triggers media attention
DesignThinkers has landed the Association in the news these past few weeks. Conference speakers and RGD's DesignThinkers of the Year were recognized for their design thinking legacies and exciting presentations.
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Toronto, Sony Centre, November 3 + 4

Register at the door between 7:30am - 5:00pm on Nov. 3 or 4!